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Functions of the Human Mind
740a ref740 Human Brain: Facts, Functions & Anatomy
740b ref740 Evolution of the brain and intelligence
740c ref740c basic-structure-and-function-of-human-brain
740d ref740d importance-conscious-communication
740e ref740e the-attention-schema-theory-of-consciousness-deserves-your-attention/

The function of emotion
741a ref741a Function of emotions (and data selection)
741b ref741b Purpose of Emotions
741c ref741c What are Emotions Structure and Function of Emotions

742 Ref742 ysencks-theory-of-criminal-personality


743 ref743 Tribalism Huffington
744 ref744 biologist-eo-wilson-why-humans-ants-need-tribe-64005

745 ref745 Cells
746 ref746 Types of Cells in humans
747 ref747 Grey and White matter in the brain
748 ref748 Jung “Collective Unconsciousness
749 ref749 attachment-theory-of-personality-disorder
750 ref750 Personality & Violent Crime

personality disorder and weak conscience
751 ref751 Conscience and Consciousness

752 ref752 disorders-sex-development — Intersex

753 ref753 nervous-system-pns-cranial-nerves-reflexes
754 ref754 Central Nervous System
755 ref755 Neurons and Their Role in the Nervous System
756 ref756 Location of InterNeurons
757 ref757 The function of emotions

Human needs for attachment

758 ref758 Impact of attachment, temperament and parenting on human development

Emotional Intelligence

759 refx759 Emotional Intelligence

760 ref760 gut-intuition-from-emotion
761 ref761 theories-of-emotion

Limbic System and Memory

762 ref762 limbic-system-anatomy
763 ref763 combines higher mental functions and primitive emotion into one system
764 ref764 Limbic-System-and-Long-Term-Memory
765 ref765 Limbic-System-and-Behavior
766 ref766 emotions, certain forms of memory, feelings of pleasure, and many aspects of social behavior

Limbic System and raw data reception system reviews

767 ref767 The Role of the Limbic System
768 ref768 bio-consciousness/review/Sensor

769 ref769 Tribalism makes-risky-times-more-dangerous
770 ref770 Sectarianism in different countries
771 ref771 Tribalism in politics
772 ref772

Language and Neurology
773 ref773 Brain & Language — Penn Arts & Sciences
774 ref774

775 ref775 Freuds ideas

Need for relationships connection attachment
776 ref776 relationships connection attachment
777 ref777 Human nature: Behavioral economists create model of our desire to make sense of it all
778 ref778 Need for relationships connection attachment
779 ref779 Why We Are Wired to Connect

neurological reward system
780 ref780 Dopamine Reward System
781 ref781 Affective neuroscience of pleasure: reward in humans and animals
782 ref782 The Neuroscience of Natural Rewards: Relevance to Addictive Drugs

Entertainment and Human Nature
783 ref
784 ref
785 ref

Boredom and human nature
786 ref
787 ref

Emotions & Energy
788 ref788 Emotions and Energy
789 ref789 gut-intuition-from-emotion
790 ref790 Emotions Have Energy: What Energy Are You Sending?
791 ref791 emotions-energy-create-transform-us and reward system

Function of Imagination
792ref792 Function of Imagination and its emergence
793ref793 cience-of-imagination
794 ref794 ways-to-increase-imagination-creativity


conscious mind has limited processing capabilities

795 ref795 understanding_your_mind_conscious_and_unconscious_processing/

796 ref796 Prefrontal Cortex, Emotion, and Approach/Withdrawal Motivation

797 ref797 Maslow and other Models Lifetrack Positive Health Model

798 ref798 Sympathetic Mode
799 ref799 ParaSympathetic Mode

800 ref800 biologically predisposed to link images and
sounds to create language.

801 ref801 Liguistics – clue to emotions

802 ref802 Aging Theoris
803 ref803 Intro Neural Networks

804 ref804 Intro neural networks

Reward Cycles
805 ref85 The-Brain-Reward-Circuit Diagram Only
806 ref806 The neurobiology of pleasure, reward processes, addiction and their health implications
807 Spare

808 ref808 habits-how-they-form-and-how-to-break-them

Humour and Human Nature
809 ref809 Human nature: Six things we all do

10 ref810 Peoples interests

Humour and Neurologgy
811 ref811 Humour and Neurologgy

812 ref812 getting better at being humanG

813 ref813 emotion-feeling-mood