11th December 2016



52% of the population, the winning margin in Junes Leave/Remain referendum,  can’t dictate the natute of  ‘Brexit’. This is because this is already pre-determined within Article 50 of the Treaty.

Once the UK Government ‘triggers’ Article 50, the process must be completed within two years.


10th December 2016


Unseasonably mild weather for Early December may persuade imbeciles that Global Warming is true. Just wait till the first deep frost arrives in a couple of weeks.







8th December 2016

The simple fact is that every football club, not just the names mentioned so far i.e. Crewe, QPR etc. will have had sexual predators operating within their youth teams. The question is which of the clubs acted expediently, to deal with such individuals; which of the clubs paid hush money to victims!