Morroco 1988

In 1988, in the summer between second and third year architecture, I went for a walking holiday in morroco with a friend Andy and his girlfriend Jacqui.

Tangier Medina alley with blue painted doors and window shutters

Arriving in the port of Tangier after a ferry trip from Gibralter, we made our way by bus to the Atlas mountains.

..Atlas mountains with typical hill town to right of image

We walked for 12 days, sleeping under the stars and stocking up on rice, tinned sardines and water at the numerous small hill towns dotted along our walking route.

We ended our mountain walking route with a visit to Marakesh where we visited the labyrinthian souk and ate every night from Hawker food stalls in the town’s main square.

The square at night was a magnificent experience, with the stall holders vying for custom as their cooking grilles sent smoke and sparks into the evening air.

Marakesh town square at night with hawker stalls

On leaving Marakesh, we made our way to the coastal town of Essouira, the name meaning ramparts as the town has a fortress wall to the sea. The film director Orson Wells used the towns Medina and sea rampart as backdrops for his 1950’s version of Othello.

Essouira sea rampart and bridge with fishing boats in foreground

This was a fantastic holiday, although Andy was a hard taskmaster on the mountain walking portion of the trip.

In refelection, I wish we had spent longer in Marakesh, this city made a huge impression on me and would have been worth exploring more and perhaps taking many detailed photos of the Medina and the souk.